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Companies throughout the North West are cyring out for skills in the digital world, with more demand than available skills, this means that companies are paying extremely high salaries for skilled staff who can work with leading digital technologies. Due to this gap in skills and demand from employers, we thought we could do something about that, which is why we’ve created the Contrado Academy, a practical hands-on set of workshops and courses to teach these in-demand skils.

Traditional educational routes including Colleges and Universities are too slow to adapt to the ever changing aspects in the digital world. A course through the traditional routes generally takes between 1-3 years to go through the official academic review process, then a further 3-4 years for students to go through the course. Resulting in a delay of 4-7 years before those skills enter the market for employers to utilise. Unfortunately technology moves a lot faster than that which often results in the skills being taught being out of date before the first batch of students have completed the courses.

Contrado Academy is designed to give you the in-demand skills, knowledge and experience required to enhance your skills in the digital world. Whether you are looking to get into the world of digital, or you are already working in the digital world and you want to enahnce your skills and boost your employability. Good employers will invest in your training and development, so if you are currently working in the digital world and are wanting to enhane your skills then we have courses and workshops to allow you to do this.

All the courses and workshops at Contrado Academy are designed to be practical with the core theory being covered. We do not cover the finer academic background behind technologies or non-practical background that is a nice to have. We get straight into the practical skills required for you to start working on projects effectively. Whether you are looking to get into the in-demand digital world or are wanting to enhance your work within the company you are currently working for. At Contrado Academy we have courses to suit your needs.

Looking for some in-house training courses? Then get in touch for in-house group based training workshops we can run.

What Others Say

“Excellent session, relevant and clear, would recommend to anyone wanting to develop online campaigns”

Bruce Maclean

Managing Director, Raecan Marketing

“Very good session, learning how to track activities and understanding how to find answers to the questions you are looking for”

Caroline Dawson

Web Technician, SYPO

“Great session that covered a lot of areas from start to finish. Great crash course.”

Daniel Hill

Marketing Assistant, PM+M Accountants

“Very good workshop – Thank you. The key thing I took away was how to set things up and track things effectively”

Liz Hall

Owner, Liz Henson Photography

“Very knowledgeable, level of support great, thanks for not making me feel stupid!”

Maureen Askew

Director, Early Years and Childcare Business Consultant

“Excellent. Really helpful session. Looking forward to seeing how this helps my business and tweaking the campaign as I get more data.”

Jane Leach

Director, i-Architect