Below are our regular courses that we run to boost your digital skills. If you are looking for anything specific to your individual or company needs then get in touch with us to talk through what you are looking for. 

Group based training is priced at £349 + vat per person

Please contact us for your in-house training needs and a quote can be provided. 

Web Development for Beginners

Web development today is nothing like is was only 5 years ago. If you are using techniques and technologies you have learnt a short time ago, they are likely out of date already. Or if you have no idea how to build a website, then this course is for you. The Web Development for Beginners course is designed to  be an introduction to modern web development technology components that you need to build a successful website. Getting straight into the concept of what you need to know. 

WordPress for Beginners

WordPress powers over 25% of websites on the entire internet. Just put that into perspective, 1 in 4 websites you visit on a daily basis is likely powered by WordPress. While WordPress is a powerful open source platform, if you haven’t used it before it can be an extremely difficult platform to get used to. There are many ways to build a WordPress website, yet only a few ways you should build one. 

Intermediate WordPress

So now you know how to use WordPress as a user, let’s get start to get deeper into the WordPress ecosystem by learning how to build and develop a WordPress website the right way. Reviewing how the WordPress Plugins and Theme systems work including Child Themes and Plugin customisations the right way. With the endless customisations available to WordPress, we’ll look at the essential attributes needed to build on the solid foundations of WordPress to expand and enhance your website. 

Advanced WordPress

The Advanced WordPress course is for developers looking to build on the fundamental WordPress platform. As WordPress is an open source platform, it’s easy for anyone to build features and functionality for WordPress, but there is a specific way to do so if you want your features and functionality to work the WordPress way. Learn how to develop Themes and Plugins the right way. 

HTML for Beginners

For those just getting to grips with the fundamentals of website designs and development, let’s get started with learning how HTML powering the entire internet. Looking at the core concepts involved with HTML and how this relates to the every day websites you use today. 

CSS for Beginners

If HTML is your body, CSS is your dresswear, making you look and feel how you want. Let’s look at how you can use CSS to make your website look in any way you can imagine. Covering the core concepts for CSS and touching on where you can really start to use CSS to power the framwork of your entire website. 

JavaScript for Beginners

Learn how to enhance the functionality on your website with the powerful JavaScript language. If you have ever experienced any interactive elements on a website that you have used, this is likely powered by JavaScript type technologies. Learn the core JavaScript fundamentals about how you can bring your website to life with JavaScript. 

Linux Web Server Management for Beginners

Linux, the web server technology that powers the majority of websites on the internet. Learn how to manage Linux Web Servers with easy. Looking at the core technologies in use on popular Liux web servers and how to navigate your way around the Linux web server space using technologies such as Secure Shell, also known as SSH. This is quite a technical course. 

PHP for Beginners

PHP is the most popular server side prorgamming language in use on the internet today. Facebook is built in PHP. Learn the core concepts of PHP to allow you to learn how to build your own PHP based website. WordPress, the platofrm that powers over 25% of websites on the entire internet, is powered by the underlying technology that is PHP. Learn the core concepts behind PHP and how you can use this to build your own PHP based website. 

Java for Beginners

Java, tha language that is often taught by Universities. The language that is so unbelievably complex, it’s time someone taught Java in the simplest and practical terms that is useful for people to get involved with. Java is a complex language that does require the additional time and effort to work with, and it is so important to do so. The course will cover some of the core fundamentals of Java to use in a variety of suitations and applications. Java is unbelievably powerful. 

Java Web Applications for Beginners

Java is one of the most powerful programming languages in use today which can be used from creating mobile apps on Android, to running software on popular physical machines that you interact with to running powerful web applications that you use online. In the Java Web Applications for Beginners course you will learn how to build stable and scalable Java web applications to power your web website or software as a service type product. 

Social Media for Beginners

Social media has changed the world we live. The Social Media for Beginners course is designed to bring you up to speed with what you need to know for how to use social media within your organisation or business. Looking at the core platforms of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Beyond this, you can take this knowledge and apply this to the endless other social media platforms that are in use today. 

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Everything is digital these days from our daily interactions on our mobile devices, to the way we purchase goods and services throughout our lives. The Introduction to Digital Marketing course is designed to give you an overview of how to use digital marketing within your role at the company you work with or throughout your organisation. Covering core topics including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per Click Advertising (PPC) on Google AdWords, Email Marketing, Social Media and tracking and Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics for Beginners

The free tool that is Google Analytics is used by the majority of companies today who are wanting to track the performance of their digital marketing campaigns online. Whether it is your responsibility within your organisation to report on data from Google Analytics or whether you want to find out more about how Google Analytics can help your organisation report on performance more accurately, this course is for you. We’ll be covering the core concepts related to Google Analytics with real world examples to learn from. 

Google AdWords for Beginners

Google AdWords is the advertising platform that supports the entire Google ecosystem. The adverts you see when you search on Google for products and services, those adverts at the top labelled as Ads are powered by Google AdWords. Learn how you can show your own adverts on Google. Whether you are wanting to learn how Google AdWords can help drive sales for your business or whether it is your responsibility within your company to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to the website, this course is for you. 

Email Marketing for Beginners

On this course you’ll learn how to use email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp to communicate with your audience effectively. From personalising emails to connecting your website directly with your email platforms to automatically add people to your mailing list who have used your contact form or purchase products from your ecommerce store. 

Ecommerce for Beginners

On this course you’ll learn the core concepts of ecommers and how to run an online stop. Covering some of the major technologies in use today from WordPress and WooCommerce to Magento and software as a service type platforms too. Reviewing the pros and cons of each depending on what you are looking to achieve. With so many technologies and ecommerce items to consider, it can be tough deciding on which approach to take. Learn about the different options available to you. 

Apple iOS Development for Beginners

Learn the core concepts for building and developing mobile applications for Apple’s iOS platform using the latest Swift programming language. This course is designed to get you hands on with iOS development to start building your first mobile application in Xcode and the processes involved when submitting mobile applications to the App Store including Apple’s guidelines and requirements. 

Android Development for Beginners

Learn the core concepts for building and developing mobile applications for Google’s Android platform using the latest Java programming language. This course is designed to get you hands on with Android development to start building your first mobile application in Android Studio and the process involved when submitting mobile applications to the Google Play Store including Google’s guidelines and requirements. 

Search Engine Optimisation SEO for Beginners

With so many misconceptions in the world of SEO, it’s no wonder why it’s easy to get a little lost down the rabbit hole. Learn the core concepts to optimise your website to drive traffic from Google and other search engines. Looking at the practical steps involved ranging from the technical aspects on your website to how to build solid foundations for growth with content marketing. 

Cyber Security for Beginners

Websites get hacked into on a daily basis when poor or no security measures are taken. Learn how to secure your website from cyber attacks and how to protect your organisation against cyber attacks. If you are building webistes or are responsible for the security of your organisation, this course is for you to learn how websites are hacked into and how you can protect against these threats. 

Microsoft Hosted Exchange for Beginners

Virtually all professional businesses email addrfesses are powered by either Microsoft Exchange or a similar provider. Learn all about how you can manage Microsoft Hosted Exchange within your organisation to safely and securely manage your emails. You never notice when things work well, you always notice when things go wrong. Working with Microsoft Hosted Exchange is one of those platforms that when everything is configured and working correctly as it should be doing, things just work. Work you start playing around tweaking settings, you can easily bring down your entire email system throughout your organisation. 

MySQL for Beginners

MySQL is the database language that powers the majority of the websites on the internet. WordPress, which powers over 25% of websites on the internet primarily uses MySQL in the background as the database technology. Learn how to use MySQL to query your database and how MySQL works. This course will teach you about the awesome power of MySQL to use as you see fit. We will not be covering any specific technologies for accessing the database through your web application, it is assumed that you know how to do this for this course. 

Introduction to Scrum

Traditionally when companies are developing software projects or shipping products the Waterfall development process was used. This has been proved many times to be an extremely inefficient way of developing software which is why leading companies are using agile development processes such as Scrum which allow them to deliver value faster to their customers. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course

Barely a day goes by without hearing about another large scale cybersecurity breach or data loss. One of the most common attack vectors that gets exloited is through your staff when they act on information they believe to be true and correct, when infact this allows hackers to breach your IT systems and gain access to your data. Every member of staff within your organisation needs to be aware of the threats around cybersecurity so they can become cyber aware.