CSS for Beginners Course

Learn the core concepts involved with CSS

If you have always wanted to build you own website, then you
are going to need to get to grips with CSS. Whether you are using an online
website builder, a content management system such as WordPress or if you are
doing advanced web applications, CSS is the underlying technology of the
internet that makes your HTML look the wat you want. Virtually everything visible
on the web is powered by CSS.

This course is open to anyone wanting to learn about CSS.


Throughout the day you’ll learn;

  • Introduction to CSS including inline CSS and external CSS
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Colours
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • CSS Borders
  • CSS Margins
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Height and Width
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Outline
  • CSS Text
  • CSS Fonts
  • CSS Icons
  • CSS Links
  • CSS Lists
  • CSS Tables
  • CSS Displays
  • CSS Max-Width
  • CSS Position
  • CSS Overflow
  • CSS Float
  • CSS Inline-Block
  • CSS Align
  • CSS Combinators
  • CSS Pseudo-Class
  • CSS Pseudo-Element
  • CSS Opacity
  • CSS Navigation Bar
  • CSS Dropdowns
  • CSS Tooltips
  • CSS Image Gallery
  • CSS Image Sprites
  • CSS Attr Selectors
  • CSS Forms
  • CSS Counters
  • CSS3 including; Rounded Corners, Border Images, Backgrounds, Colours,
    Gradients, Shadows, Text, Fonts, 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms, Transitions,
    Animations, Images, Buttons, Pagination, Multiple Columns, User Interface,
    Box Sizing, Flexbox and Media Queries.
  • CSS Responsive including; Viewport, Grid View, Media Queries, Images, Videos
    and Frameworks


What to Bring

Throughout the course you’ll need a laptop for some of the
interactive parts. If you do not have one, a tablet will suffice or simply work
with another attendee to shadow them. The beginner’s course is approximately 50%
theory and background understanding and 50% hands on.


What’s Included

The full day course includes;

  • Tuition taught by Michael Cropper a CSS expert who works with various website
    technologies on a daily basis professionally
  • Room hire
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • A copy of the teaching materials

Course Information

Date:     Various

Venue:  Various

Price:     £349 + VAT



Nothing. We’ll cover everything you need to know to get you
up to speed with CSS. Ideally you will know the core fundamentals of HTML or
have completed the HTML for
Beginners course
, although this is not essential.