Google AdWords for Beginners Course

Learn the core concepts involved with Google AdWords to understand how to drive traffic to your website

This course is for you if you want to learn how to use the awesome power that is available on Google AdWords for driving traffic and sales through your website. Whether you are looking to use this as someone who is brand new to Google AdWords and wants to know what it is and how to use it, or if you are just absolutely baffled with the interface and need someone to talk you through the basics, this course is for you. 

This course is open to anyone wanting to learn how to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website. The beginners course is designed to give you a crash course in Google AdWords to teach you the basics for how to use Google AdWords, covering all of the core settings, pages, configuration options and best practice setups. 


Throughout the day you’ll learn;

  • What is Google AdWords
  • How Google AdWords Works
  • Understanding Account Settings
  • Understand User Management and Access Rights
  • How to Link Your Google AdWords Account to Your Google Analytics Account and Why You Should Do This
  • How to track Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on your website
  • How to Research your Market
  • Understand the Google Search Network
  • Understand the Google Display Network
  • An Overview of the Google AdWords Platform
  • How to Create Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords
  • How to Target Your Audience
  • How to Manage Your Campaign Settings
  • How to Set Budgets and Bids
  • How to Find Your Keywords
  • How to use Ad Placements on Websites
  • How to Manage Multiple or Larger Accounts
  • How to Connect Your Goals to Your Data
  • How to Find and Run Reports
  • Understanding your Data
  • How to Track Sales and Conversions
  • Understand Common Reporting Issues
  • Understand Payment Methods and Settings
  • Understand Promotions and Coupons
  • Understand how Refunds and Adjustments are Made


What to Bring

This course is 50% theory based with live demonstrations throughout with real data to highlight the concepts being discussed. The other 50% is available for you to set up your own Google AdWords account throughout the session. It is ideal to bring a laptop to set up a Google AdWords campaign for our own website during the course, although you don’t need to press ‘go’ at the end if you don’t want to. 


What’s Included

The full day course includes;

  • Tuition taught by Michael Cropper a Google AdWords expert who works with Google AdWords on a daily basis professionally and is a Google Adwords Certified Individual
  • Room hire
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • A copy of the teaching materials

Course Information

Date:     Various

Venue:  Various

Price:     £349 + VAT



Nothing. It is expected you have an interest in learning how to drive traffic to your website to boost sales.