Microsoft Hosted Exchange for Beginners Course

Learn the core concepts involved with managing Microsoft Hosted Exchange within your organisation

Microsoft Exchange is the technology that powers many of the largest organisations around the world, specifically their email platform. Whether this is a self-hosted version in-house or with a partner, or through the Microsoft Hosted Exchange platform. This course is designed to get you up to speed with how to manage Microsoft Hosted Exchange within your organisation, providing a core overview of the setup, technologies and configuration options available to you.

This course does not cover setting up your own in-house self-hosted Exchange server. If your organisation still relies on older IMAP or POP/SMTP technologies to power your core email systems, you need to be looking at moving onto Microsoft Exchange for security and stability. Learn how to manage your Microsoft Hosted Exchange platform for your organisation the right way without the fear of breaking a core system within your organisation.


Throughout the day you’ll learn;

  • What is Microsoft Hosted Exchange
  • Why you should be using Microsoft Hosted Exchange opposed to older email technologies that live on your web server such as IMAP or SMTP/POP
  • How Microsoft Hosted Exchange works and where it sits within the entire system for managing your emails
  • How to configure the DNS records for your Microsoft Hosted Exchange setup
  • Understanding mailbox licences, how they work within your organisation and where to purchase them from
  • Managing users within your organisation
  • How to create a contact diary to share throughout your organisation
  • How to use distribution groups to email groups of people within your organisation
  • How to use shared mailboxes to allow multiple people to access a single email account securely
  • How to migrate from IMAP to Microsoft Exchange without losing data
  • How to manage meeting rooms and equipment hire within your organisation so staff can hire out equipment and book rooms through a single system automatically
  • How to manage your password policy to force users to update their passwords after a set period of time
  • Tracking email usage for sent and received emails for each user within your organisation to manage the accounts effectively
  • How to debug mail flow issues
  • How to manage security and spam


This course is designed to teach you the core fundamentals for managing Microsoft Hosted Exchange within your organisation. If you are new to Microsoft Hosted Exchange or this has become part of your remit, it is essential you know how to manage this effectively to avoid creating problems and email downtime for people.


What to Bring

This course is 100% theory based. Should you wish to bring a laptop or tablet to follow along and check your own Microsoft Hosted Exchange setup throughout the course, you are more than welcome to.


What’s Included

The full day course includes;

  • Tuition taught by Michael Cropper a Microsoft Hosted Exchange expert who works with Microsoft Hosted Exchange on a daily basis professionally to manage this for businesses ranging from small organisations into the hundreds of users
  • Room hire
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • A copy of the teaching materials

Course Information

Date:     Various

Venue:  Various

Price:     £349 + VAT



It is expected that you are familiar with the concepts covered in the Website Development for Beginners course. While this is a beginners course, some of the concepts do get quite technical and it helps if you have a general technical background to help to understand some of the concepts being discussed.