MySQL for Beginners Course

Learn the core concepts involved with MySQL

MySQL is the open source database language which is one of the most popular in use today. If you have ever used a website that allows you to interact with it in some way, such as creating a profile or uploading your data or purchasing a product online, then it is highly likely that this is being powered by MySQL or a similar database language in the background.

This course is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to use MySQL and look at the powerful applications that is possible when enhancing your website with a solid database in the background. This course does not teach programming language specific ways for accessing a MySQL database as this is vastly different for every programming language. Instead, this course is designed to teach you the fundamentals for MySQL which you can then apply within your own applications with ease.


Throughout the day you’ll learn;

  • What is MySQL
  • MySQL Tools
  • MySQL Intro
  • MySQL Syntax
  • MySQL Select
  • MySQL Distinct
  • MySQL Where
  • MySQL And & Or
  • MySQL Order By
  • MySQL Insert Into
  • MySQL Update
  • MySQL Delete
  • MySQL Injection
  • MySQL Select Top
  • MySQL Like
  • MySQL Wildcards
  • MySQL In
  • MySQL Between
  • MySQL Aliases
  • MySQL Joins
  • MySQL Inner Join
  • MySQL Left Join
  • MySQL Right Join
  • MySQL Full Join
  • MySQL Union
  • MySQL Select Into
  • MySQL Insert Into Select
  • MySQL Create DB
  • MySQL Create Table
  • MySQL Constraints
  • MySQL Not Null
  • MySQL Unique
  • MySQL Primary Key
  • MySQL Foreign Key
  • MySQL Check
  • MySQL Default
  • MySQL Create Index
  • MySQL Drop
  • MySQL Alter
  • MySQL Auto Increment
  • MySQL Views
  • MySQL Dates
  • MySQL Null Values
  • MySQL Null Functions
  • MySQL Data Types
  • MySQL DB Data Types
  • MySQL Functions including;
  • MySQL Avg()
  • MySQL Count()
  • MySQL First()
  • MySQL Last()
  • MySQL Max()
  • MySQL Min()
  • MySQL Sum()
  • MySQL Group By
  • MySQL Having
  • MySQL Ucase()
  • MySQL Lcase()
  • MySQL Mid()
  • MySQL Len()
  • MySQL Round()
  • MySQL Now()
  • MySQL Format()


This course is designed to teach you the core fundamentals for using MySQL in a variety of situations that you encounter. Whether you are simply looking to customise queries to your WordPress database or whether you are looking to build a web application from scratch that uses MySQL as the database engine.  


What to Bring

This course is 50% theory based and 50% practical. Bring a laptop to get involved with practicing your MySQL queries throughout the session. Code samples will be provided and sample databases will be available for you to query.


What’s Included

The full day course includes;

  • Tuition taught by Michael Cropper a MySQL expert who works with MySQL on a daily basis professionally through a variety of web applications
  • Room hire
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day

A copy of the teaching materials

Course Information

Date:     Various

Venue:  Various

Price:     £349 + VAT



It is expected that you are familiar with the concepts covered in the Website Development for Beginners course. While this is a beginners course, some of the concepts do get quite technical and it helps if you have a general technical background to help to understand some of the concepts being discussed.