Java for Beginners Course

Learn the core concepts involved with Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use
today, powering everything from websites to every mobile application running on
Google’s Android operating system. Java is an extremely powerful language that
is capable of running in so many different ways. Learn the core concepts behind
Java so you can then specialise in your field of interest, whether that is for
Android development or Java web application development, both of which are
covered in more detail in other more specialised courses.

This course is open to anyone wanting to learn about Java
and understand the core concept within Java. Java is a complex language which
can take a long time to master fully, so come on this course to shortcut your
learning by understanding how to work with Java.  Whether you are looking to understand how Java
works or are wanting to build the next software as a service type product
online, Java can help you get there.


Throughout the day you’ll learn;

  • Java
  • Java
    Environment Setup
  • Java
    Basic Syntax
  • Java
    Object & Classes
  • Java
    Basic Datatypes
  • Java
    Variable Types
  • Java
    Modifier Types
  • Java
    Basic Operators
  • Java
    Loop Control
  • Java
    Decision Making
  • Java
  • Java
  • Java
  • Java
  • Java
    Date & Time
  • Java
    Regular Expressions
  • Java
  • Java
    Files and I/O
  • Java
  • Java
    Inner classes


What to Bring

Throughout the course you’ll need a laptop for some of the
interactive parts. If you do not have one simply work with another attendee to
shadow them. The beginner’s course is 75% theory with demonstrations throughout
and around 25% practical.  


What’s Included

The full day course includes;

  • Tuition
    taught by Michael Cropper a Java expert who works with various website
    technologies on a daily basis professionally
  • Room
  • Lunch
    and refreshments throughout the day
  • A copy
    of the teaching materials

Course Information

Date:     Various

Venue:  Various

Price:     £349 + VAT



is expected that you are familiar with core website technologies such as HTML
or have attended the HTML for
Beginners course
and CSS or have attended the CSS for
Beginners Course